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Here is a Hint!

Well CQ Fans,

You are certainly curious about what our announcement is.  I have gotten so many e-mails from you telling me what you think we are going to say.   My e-mail box has been overwhelmed!

Today, I wanted to give you a little hint as to what the secret might be.

We had a few people comment below on this post.   Here is your hint . . . .

One of you might be right  🙂  That’s all I’m going to say!

We will be letting you in on the secret with full details very, very soon.

I know, it is really hard to wait.  It will be worth it though 🙂

Stay tuned and Stay curious!

~ Joel


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  • purple squirrel

    Oh, I *hope* the comment about national syndication was correct~ we’d love to see Curiosity Quest be made available in the North East (Have a couple of DVD’s and love them).