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Help Us With An Upcoming Episode!

We have been busy here at CQ Headquarters.  We are currently wrapping up Season 7 of Curiosity Quest!
It is hard to believe.  How time flies.
The last episode of the season is going to be a special peek into Behind the Scenes of Curiosity Quest
But in order to complete that episode, we need your help!
What are you curious about Curious Quest?
What have you always wanted to know about Curiosity Quest, the locations we visit, how we put together the show, the crew, etc….  Tell us what you would like to know!
Write to us in the comments section below and let us know what questions you have.  We can’t wait to hear from you!
We look forward to hearing your questions.
Until next time!
Curiosity Quest Crew

Comments (40)

  • Duncan vanArsdale

    Great show for adults and kids! But I think you need to do the horse riding show over again. Horses are as different as cats to dogs. Mainly how do you safely approach and understand a horse’s behavior??

    My dear Dad grew up on a Melrose peach orchard N of Marysville with a horse and a mule, dirt poor, but he Definitely understood horses! They Never tried to bite or step on him. One secret he told me was ,”At first , don’t look them in the eye. They are herd animals very afraid of predators, always hungry, but always Defensive and hen-pecking each other for better position in the herd. Never approach from behind, they are big and very strong, but Very Afraid of surprises like loud noises or waving your arms even. Understand?”

    I wanted to be a Reinisance(sp) Man like him so tried to learn Everything Early from skiing to hammering nails and using tools to understanding how very different all animals are. So I saved my allowance and chore money and saved and saved and took horse back rides as often as I could. But none of the stables taught us basic horse understanding and treatment!, just stand on the steps, get on ,and plod horse head down for an hour!! What a cheat!! Once the cinch wasn’t tightened on my nag that inhaled air to enlarge his/her belly and then let the air out of her lungs as we crossed the first paved road with the saddle and me swung Under the horse , at a trot! Scary!! But I was only scraped up. So this expensive approach was not working!

    My best buddy Davey and I bicycled 2 miles down Almaden dairy farms and pastures road to his Sister’s corralled horse. We could only watch from Outside the corral, she was busy and not into teaching us! We bicycled and tried over and over but gave up interfering in her private love affair!!
    So that didn’t work.

    How was I going to learn about real horse behavior and how I should behave to gain their fearsome trust!?
    So I asked, over and over, a lot a lot, my dear Dad “please take me horseback riding and teach me how you succeed easily so well with any horse or mule. Please please please!” I really wanted to learn. So I asked a Lot! He was very busy teaching and grading papers at home and eating and sleeping and fixing the car and showing me how to vacuum and wash the car and “always take good care of your tools! Never leave them in the dirt or out overnight! Always clean and properly store them! And remember, SAFETY FIRST with safety goggles and table saw pusher sticks, and clean swept garage-show floor, no mess, no clutter, all organized everything in it’s place!”

    So after Trying Really Really hard to be a good school and home team family student, and asking a lot, he finally agreed to take me horseback riding!! I was so Happy in my Red Rider cowboy red suit that I wore on the coast luxury train to the Grands in LA. “Wear Levi’s and a long sleeve plaid shirt and your boots instead, so you don’t scare the horses with all that scary red they may have never seen before,ok? Remember, horses are very easily frightened, ok?”
    So I saved my red outfit for the Wonderful Lark night train every Summer with my older Sis.

    I was sooo excited when we got to the stable! Finally a real horse expert and educator, and I had my big jar Savings!!
    It was going to be the Most Perfect day.
    I even remembered my straw cowboy hat! Dad reminded me that the first impression and approach were very important. “No loud talking, ok, cuz I know you are very excited, but you must use your calm quiet gentle voice always. See the big ears, they hear really well. And if the ears go back, they are afraid or mad, so watch the ears indirectly, but mainly the feet and legs. She how he has cocked his leg about to kick? And that horse is just shifting weight and relaxing that leg. See the difference?”

    Can I feed them!!?
    “Well, first respect them and maybe they will trust you. Work on that first, ok? Be gentle, pet with the changing direction of their hair, stay away from the eyes at first, they may let you pet their forehead later. Pet their big necks like this, they usually like that. Focus on their reaction to your every action. I know this is alot. And dangerous. Be aware of their body language, are they relaxed or tense. And be careful, they are much bigger and stronger than you or me, ok?”

    So much to learn! We had a dog and cat pets at home but horses are so different. “Don’t hold the reins too tight or the bit in their mouth will hurt them,ok?”. I was so lucky to have a Dad that would help me learn about Everything and a Mom I could tell all my worries, fears, secrets, and nightmares too! This was going to be the best day Ever!

    “We are not yet ready to ride today. You have to learn a lot about meeting and approaching a horse first. That’s the important tricky part that will make you safer for a long time, ok?”.
    I almost cried I was so impatient.
    But I knew he was right. No one I had ever seen was so successful around horses and making them trusting and happy than my Melrose best ever peach farm dirt poor Dad!! So he even showed me how to walk around a horse always gently touching it so it knew where you were and was reassured. I was much shorter and very afraid,,,but I did it!!

    He told me this was like skiing or penmanship and would take lots of careful practice. So every year I saved and saved and even opened a bank savings account for all my hobbies and sports. I had a Christmas brand new black and Chrome English 3 speed first adult bicycle called “Betsy” or “black beauty” that I rode on weekends for 20 to 30 miles a day ,exploring our boomtown.

    One year Dad drove me to Jackson Hole to ride horses and basic rock climbing class in Grand Teton National Park!! My 3 sisters didn’t want to go. Oh Boy!! The cowboy had a new big red double cab pickup with big dents. And a big horse trailer, also with a big dent and a broken light. The horses hadn’t been brushed well in days. So guess he didn’t learn to “Take care of your tools.”. I left Dad’s pliers on the back lawn, once, and got a scolding, not a spanking for lying cuz I confessed.

    I asked the cowboy if I could feed my horse a bunch of carrots I bought special at the supermarket.
    “No, you will just spoil them, so don’t.” Trail snacks for me and dear old Dad! Riding inside Grand Teton National Park was so beautiful, the big mountains, the aspen trees, the river. And the rock climbing class with Everest famous Barry Corbett was just on the baby slope with ropes and special shoes and lots of rules, but Wonderful !! We ate lunch and dinner at the steak restaurant next to the motel and walked under the Town square Park elk horn archway lots! It was a great vacation, just us Boys! But I did miss Mom and Sis, so we sent postcards and telephoned! I guess I slept on the front bench car seat most of the drive home I was so happy and ,,,happy.

    But I had lots to learn about horses still.
    One year my dear old Dad took me to N California and the cowboy Wrangler gave me a white horse. I like black horses and brown horses and red horses, like tall “Big Red” one of my favorites, and Pintos like “Dash” that loved to gallop, so I was curious about a big white horse. He kept getting too close to trees trying to rub me off!
    Was I holding the reins too tight?? What was I doing wrong?? So I asked Dad and he told me to ask the cowboy wrangler, so I got up my courage and did!
    “Oh, that horse is only bit reined with the reins held separately and never ever neck reined like most horses. Guess I forgot to tell you.” So I did that, gently pull one rein or the other in separate hands. The big white horse settled down to business of going uphill in the forest. But No Tip for that cowboy!! Not from my lawn mowing and many chores hard earned money and allowance!!

    I still have lots to learn about horses and each horse is different and I need to be very careful and aware when first meeting a new horse, like a new distant relative, or a new teacher, or a new girl I really like at school. My Dad was a great teacher ,great father, and even a great boy scout troop leader with a lot of other unpaid great fathers from many different professions in our neighborhood. I love learning and really appreciate all my good teachers!!
    So that is how I started to learn about horses.

  • Chloe schuster

    you are one of my favorite shows to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Chloe

      you are sweet!

  • Alexia

    Hi Joel,
    I am curious how are canvasses made?

  • Becky Schwarz

    We would love the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter on the C.Quest someday

  • Linzy Wilson

    Hi Joel,
    I was wondering how sour cream is made. Thank you for reading my request.

  • Chloe vick

    What is the first art picture? 😄

  • Ava & Paolo Peña

    Hello Joel,
    How are cameras made? Thank you so very much.
    Ava & Paolo (6yrs old)
    Mountain View, CA

  • Matthew & Carson Britten

    Dear Joel,
    My brother and I are science and space geeks! We love rockets, space, and the ISS. Can you do an episode about JPL and/or ISS. International Space Station we love your show thank you,

    Carson & Matthew Britten

  • Riley

    My wife and I LOVED the visit to Hodo Soy in Oakland — great episode!

    • Lorenzo

      How are baseball caps made? And uniforms.

  • Curtis

    Have you ever lived in an igloo with 10 penguins in it on the continent of Antarctica.

  • Toby

    Dear Joel you have the greatest job


    How do you make an ipad work for stuff for example games.Can you show me and share with me. Thanks your friend in terra vista school. Naomi

  • Erica

    Dear Joel Greene,
    Remember when you came to MY school and told us about bullying? Well, I’m being cyber bullied on a video-game called Club Penguin. How do I make them stop?

  • Jolly

    Dear Joel

    I’ve been wondering how to make a Razor scooter since I got my first one during Christmas

  • Jolly

    Dear Joel

    I’ve been wondering how to make a Razor scooter since I got first one during Christmas

  • Josh

    I am curious about how expensive it is to do a show? How are you able to get businesses to agree to letting you film your show on their site? How long does it take a new episode you film to air on TV? What was the first show about? How many curiosity quest questions get submitted each day on your website? How do you choose which question you will use for an episode? How many more seasons will be filmed for Curiosity Quest? I hope many more seasons because I would like my daughter(when she is old enough) to watch your show)!

  • Kelsey

    I’d love to know more about the people behind the scenes on Curiosity Quest.
    – What is the process everyone goes through before, during, and after each show?
    – What’s everyone’s favorite quest? Why is it their favorite?

    • marshall dylan Allmond

      Hi my name is dylan Allmond I’m 8 I want to know how computers are created thanks

  • Kate Twombly

    How do you put together all the scenes? If you mess up in the middle, how do you put it back together? Thanks! Your friend, Kate

  • Lee Ann

    How are vending machines created? Who decides what is put in them?

    That’s what I’m curious about.


  • K. K.

    K. K. is a five years old very curious girl and she has been asking my husband and I about how is made Soy Milk?
    Can you help us with that, please!
    Mr. and Mrs. Newton

  • Sarah

    how is the idea how small wooden statues are carved boxed and shiped

  • Betty Bradley

    Im curious about your crew. How many of you? What part of the world do you mostly reside? What age range of your crew? Any related crew members? And especially Who thought up the concept for your show?
    I love your show, I wish it aired more often and aired for 60 instead of 30 minutes!
    Fyi, im a 64 yr old long beach, ca.

  • K. K.

    My Mom, Daddy, and I would like to know more about the crew of Curiosity Quest?
    How many hours does it take to do a show?

  • K. K.

    We love when you go places around the San Francisco’s Bay Area, since we live in this beautiful area!
    Does Curiosity Quest has offices in California?

  • The Newtons Family

    We would like to know about the who are the crew members of Curiosity Quest, are you all guys family members?

  • Rosey

    Since Earth Day is coming up, I suggest you should do something about earth and nature. Some ideas are: What exactly insects live or where mushrooms live. You can also do about science. How if a cup of water stick to a piece of cardboard or paper. You can talk about how igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock form. That is all I have in my thoughts. And thanks to asking!!!!! 🙂

  • gary

    I am glad you are having fun. I curiosity Quest about recycling records albums, thanks for your time and help.

  • Catherine

    Dear Joel,

    What is the process of writing a book? How do authors send it out, get the “okay,” letter, and how does the publisher distribute it? I’ve always wondered it, since I myself love writing.


    • Sarah

      boring idea need something more intresting

      • Faria

        Thats a little harsh. plus I wote a letter to Joel about publishing a book

  • Akila Suresh

    I have always wanted to learn about green screens and how they work. Do you guys ever use them in your studio? If so, how does it work?

    Thank you ever so much!! 🙂

  • Alex

    I was wondering how you make a caving of a bear out of wood

  • Derrick Do

    Dear CQ, I’m curious about how city buses are made. I ride them almost everyday and got the idea from looking out of the bus at a different bus. Hope you guys reply! Sincerely, Derrick Do

  • Rebecca Rodriguez

    Do you have a script or do you just ask questions improv style?

  • Richard

    Roofing. In the northern US all the roofs are slanted. So that, snow will slide off. Some buildings do have flat roofs and need the snow to be removed or the weight of the snow can cause them to cave in.
    There are a lot of roofing materials from slate to clay.
    The house that I grew up in had a slate roof and the slates would slid off the roof every once in a while.
    What is the most popular tye of roofing material and how is it made?
    What is the most expensive roofing material and where is it made?

  • Lorenzo anaya

    How are Pineapples harvested and canned?. My family love Pineapples and we eat them a lot by themselves with Chile powder, or on ham.

  • Jesse

    How is Tapatio hot sauce made and bottled. It’s a staple in our community and in my Family.