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Help Joel Greene Solve the mystery - Curiosity Quest

Help Joel Solve the Mystery

Joel has received a mystery gift from a fan.  Watch this video to help Joel solve the mystery. 


Comment below and tell us what you think the answer to this mystery is.

Until Next time,

Stay Curious!

Comments (46)

  • Chloe

    I would open it at Christmas. and I do not think it is art work because it said do not open until Christmas so there must be something inside right? I’m not sure what is inside but it must be something small.

  • Mia Whitefield

    I think it is a quest

  • Madeleine Miles

    I think that it is a little something to do with time. Maybe a little clock. Or even a cool easy clock you have to build and it pretty much has to be small.I think you should wait till CHRISTMAS!!!!! I think that you are really going to like it.

  • Kate Twombly

    I think that it is the piece of art and that it is to get your curiosity going and if there is something inside wait in tell christmas to open it.

  • Caroline & Jonathan

    We think it’s empty! It’s a piece of art to make you feel curious and to remind you of how you get excited anticipating a gift, especially when you have to wait! It didn’t seem to make any noise when you moved it around on the video…. you could always xray it to be sure, without opening it!

  • Rodrigo

    Jeol can you make a show of how to make soccer govels plz if do thz

  • Jasmin

    1.open it until Christmas.
    2.the gift is the box inside the plastic box.
    3.I will not open it I will just leave it like that.

  • Hunter

    I think you sould open it becauseit mite be a picture

  • Hunter

    I think you sould open it becase it mite be a picture

  • Annelisa

    I think it is art because you know when you are little, and your mom tells you that you have to wait till christmas to open the gifts? And you get so curious that might even open one early? I think the message is part of the art. But if it really is a gift, how in the world is joel going to open it?

    • Annelisa

      I meant you instead of joel. lol

      Love the show!

    • Geovanni Ramirez

      I think it’s going to be a watch inside or it is just a pieice of art and you should wait till Christmas to open it

    • Elsa

      Hi Anellisa I am Elsa and I am Joel’s daughter your comment is actually really great

  • Brenda Snyder

    I think you should wait till Christmas also I Thank maybe you should on your blog ask your fan if it is the artwork and don’t brake it by opening it

  • Bobbie Snyder

    That you should wait till Christmas day & I’d think it would be a belt buckle or a yo-yo.

  • John

    Hi,joe I think you should live it alone,just display in your office wall,or
    wherever you put it,its nice work of art

  • Ruby Cortez

    Hey Joel,
    1) maybe you should wait because what if its a bomb?
    2)I think its a joke because its a teeny little box wrapped about a million times
    3)no way. why would he put “don`t open until Christmas” unless it wasn’t meant to be opened?

  • The Moodys

    1) We think it is the piece of art

    2) Three votes for DON’T OPEN IT!!! Enjoy the art as we enjoy the show. If it’s sealed, it needs to stay sealed since it is the piece of art.

    3) inside is A) your own curiosity B) satisfaction C) a slinky snake D) a painted glass piece or E) something to send you on another quest…

    We love your show and we’re curious too! Stay curious. And hey, we wanna know how they make glow sticks too. ;-D

    • Mariam

      Dear Joel,

      I think your wife is correct. The little box wrapped is the artwork! That is why it is in a plastic box! Wait till X-mas because that is what is says. I think nothing is in their but you can always try to open it on X-mas

    • Alexis

      1) yes I think it is a piece of art

      2) three votes no wait till christmas to open

      3) I think empty and a test to see if you will open it early

  • Erin

    Dear Joel,
    I think you should wait until Christmas to open the box. I think there is something inside and it might be very beautiful. It might be like Pandora’s jar. Be careful!

  • Sharon Jones

    Hi Joel,
    I think your wife is right, “It is a very interesting piece of art.”

    Should you open it? It says, not to, and that means just what it says.

    What is inside? As everyone can see, it is a box wrapped in pretty paper. Is there something inside the wrapped box? My guess is if anything, is inside, it will be a note saying something like, “Now is your curiosity satisfied?” or, “This box represented your curiosity and now you have nothing left to be curious about.”

    I really like his sense of humor. That is something my daughter should do when she wraps her kids gifts because my grandson can not contain his curiosity long enough until time to open it.

  • John Patrick Cory

    When in doubt… the wife is always right. Call it wife intuition.
    Art is supposed to provoke a response… Everyone seems provoked!
    I believe your wife knows exactly what is going on. This doesn’t necessarily mean the box is empty, there is perhaps a token of good will in the case that is opened. Take it through an airport x-ray next time you go off on a trip…and watch the scanner carefully… you might end up with a good peek!

  • Kristin McConnell

    I think your wife is right. The present IS the art work. You encourage us all to be curious, now Harold has YOU curious. I’m afraid that if you opened the box, the piece might be ruined. So, to answer the questions in order: don’t open at Christmas. There isn’t anything in the box. The art piece is the present mounted inside the clear box. 🙂

  • Kailee

    Hey Joel,
    I’m a huge fan to answer your question about the mystery gift I think for 1 wait for Christmas. For 2 I think there is a special hand made curiosity quest watch in the box. For 3 I think that there is actually is something in there. But your wife is right it is a nice piece of art so when Christmas come along put it out as decoration.
    Your fan, Kailee

  • Ryan

    Wait til the holiday and I would guess it’s a miniature painting.

  • Viveka Saravanan

    Dear Joel,

    #1 I think you should open the box.
    #2 I think there is nothing inside the box.
    #3 I think the whole box is an art

    Thank you
    Your curiosity quest fan

    • Tristyn

      I also think it is a piece of art work because the kid is really making you think of the gift so if he would have sent it to a kid a kid no matter what would open it but sence he sent the gift to adults he made you really think really deep of what’s on the inside

    • Emma

      #1. I think you should wait till Christmas to open it.
      #2. I think it could be a map and you have to follow it to see what the piece of art work is.
      #3. I don’t think that is the piece of art work.

  • Kristina

    Dear Joel,

    1) I would definitely wait until Christmas to open it.

    2) I think it could be a really cool ornament.

    3) I think the gift is art, because he has given you the “gift of giving.” Your experience makes it art. Looking at it, feeling it, questioning what it is…that’s exactly what one does at a gallery, so in a sense it’s 2 gifts in one.

    Hope this helps,


  • Destiny Ramos

    I think you should wait til Christmas but u should know that it may be a thank you gift for all the good shows and showing everyone how things are made. Also the curiosity of you wanting to know what it is can be all the fun of it. But if the box can open. It looks like it doesn’t but if it can it be a thank you!

  • Alex

    1no because it is art And you are never to open it

  • Ron Benoit

    Joel, in this day and age I first suspected a bomb…..but the package looks like it’s not too heavy. I really don’t have an answer for you.

  • Jackson Walsh

    Don’t open till christmas.
    Nothing is inside.
    The package is the art work.

    How will open the glass box without damaging the art?

  • Emma

    Jacob says – open it, but wait til Christmas, he has no idea what it is, but he thinks the art is inside the package.
    Jaina says – open it now, not sure what it is, I think the art is inside.
    Jacie says – wait til Christmas to open in, she thinks there’s Minecraft stuff inside, and the package is the art. :-).

  • D. Betts

    1.) Yes- wait.
    2.) What is inside? Air.
    3.) Yes– that is the art work.

  • Sandra

    Hi, well I think you should wait until Christmas to open it because that’s what it says to do that. I also think maybe like an ornament or another art piece that he made. I also think it’s not an artwork because first of all it says to open till Christmas, so therefore it is something to open, but it’s very cool, I want one too!!! 🙂 thanks bye

  • Annelisa

    Your wife’s smart. 🙂 I think that is it. It would make so much sense. And why would he put something in a container that had to be broken into in order to open the gift? The show is called Curiosity Quest. The point is to be curious. That art definitely describes your show.
    I love your show!

  • David Arias

    1.Yes wait till Christmas because the fan wanted you to 2. It may be a letter saying thanks for waiting until Christmas to open it and probably something little like a toy. 3. Maybe the box is the piece of art. -David 15 year old fan

  • Linda Fletcher

    Hi Joel!
    1) you MUST wait til Christmas because that’s what it says on the tag!
    2) I think its two fold, and very creative! yes the box and gift is artwork AND it’s not only making you curious but everyone that sees it!
    also I should think that there is another piece of art work inside the wrapped gift. however I have no clue as to what it might be!

  • Blujay

    Yes you should wait until Christmas. Yes I think there is something inside, maybe a shell or something relating to your newest episode. And yes i think that artwork is the gift.

  • Joshua Rainer

    Joshua saids to wait till Christmas to open the present. He saids it is a Christmas ornament. No the present inside is a gift because the tag saids do not open till Christmas.

  • Gracie S

    Yes! Wait for Christmas. However, I think it is the art work! It sure does make me curious though. From Gracie S (age 9)

  • Tammy

    Don’t open it at all. That box is the piece of artwork, if you do open it, there will probably be nothing in it.

  • Connie

    I just want to know how to make glow sticks .c

  • Veronica

    I think that’s the gift- the boxed box.
    There might be something inside, but will you break the art piece to kill the curiosity?
    I wouldn’t. Let it be. It’s cool!