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Cool New Product!

Hello CQ Fans!

I just wanted to take a moment to mention is this great new product that I have discovered.  No, this is not a promotion, it is simply my opinion of something that I came across that my 7 year old daughter loves.  It is the Pocketdoodles books from the publishers Gibbs-Smith.  My daughter has the Pocketdoodles For Girls edition by Anita Wood, with drawings from Jennifer Kalis.  There is also a Pocketdoodles For Boys edition.    If you have not heard of these books, you need to check them out!  They are awesome! They are pocket sized (or purse sized for Mom’s), paperback books that encourage young girls and boys to use their imagination and draw to their heart’s delight.  The best part is, the books prompt them on what to draw.  For example, one page says, “Design your own dream car.”  Another reads, “Who is one of your heros?”   No scraps of paper around the house either. The book has space for all of the creative drawings.  I don’t know about you, but my daughter has a beautiful imagination and I love to see what she comes up with on these pages.  We recently brought this book with us on a long plane ride and it kept her entertained for more minutes than I could count.  I highly recommend this product.  It will make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season also.  I will put my stamp on anything that keeps my daughter entertained as well as encourages her to imagine and be creative.   What I would like to know is, where is the Pocketdoodles for Grown-Ups book?   I am totally jealous 🙂 Look for Pocketdoodles at your local book store 🙂

Anyway, as far as updates on Curiosity Quest, currently all of the excitement is happening behind the scenes.  We are in the process of editing our shows for our upcoming Green series that debuts this fall.  We are also beginning our prep for filming our new regular season.  Now more than ever, we need your ideas!  What are you curious about?  Think big and outside of the box.  We may choose your letter next! Keep an ear out on our Facebook Page.  We may be coming to your area soon!  Also, look for us in syndication, not just PBS!  We may be on a network near you!

Thank you for your support and as always . . .

Stay Curious!

~ Joel

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