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Fun Facts About Joel
  • Born in Tokyo, Japan
  • Basketball is his all-time favorite sport
  • Joel loves to snowboard and water-ski
  • Favorite Food: cereal
  • Favorite Candy: all of the above!
  • Favorite Drink: sweet coffee
  • Weirdest habit: singing at the top of his lungs in public
  • Favorite Team: The team with Shaq
  • Ultimate Fantasy: meet Shaq or slam dunk on a regulation-size court
  • Favorite Movie: Back to the Future/Transformers
  • Has traveled to: Mexico, Tennessee, Mississippi, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Alabama, Dry Tortugas, New York, Cancun, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Grand Cayman, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Utah, Louisiana, Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey (by accident), Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, and every corner of California
  • Favorite Quests: Globetrotters, Cranberry, Snow Making, Swimming with dolphins, flying in police helicopter or any show I get to eat on!
  • Life’s Motto: “Life is a Quest not a destination.”


Joel Greene, the creator, producer and host of Curiosity Quest is 36 years old and lives in Southern California.  His passion for kids has helped him to become the enthusiastic host that you see on his show and his young heart allows him to enjoy each and every adventure that families send him on. 

In 2001, Joel began Curiosity Quest as a way of bringing families together through quality entertainment.  It began as a local cable access show on the Adelphia Network.  In the following four years, Curiosity Quest continued to air on the Adelphia Cable Network and proudly began airing on  KVCR TV, Channel 24-PBS in 2004.  Curiosity Quest now airs on over 100 stations, reaches millions of viewers and has gained increased popularity throughout the nation.  This bears proof by the thousands of quest letters we receive.


Producer, Melissa Cockrell, is 26 years old and was born and raised in Southern California.  She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona University with two bachelor degrees 1) Marketing and 2) International Business.  Melissa has a background in dance and singing.  She has accomplished singing the National Anthem for the Quakes, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, and Kings.

She has been CQ Producer from the very beginning of Curiosity Quest and her roles include, public relations, organizing each quest, sponsor research and much, much more!

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Fun Facts About Melissa
  • Favorite food: Mexican
  • Favorite candy: chocolate caramels
  • Danced for the past 10 years
  • Favorite drink: Pepsi
  • Weirdest habit: popping gum
  • Favorite activities: dancing, hiking, tennis, water ski
  • High School activities: leadership, dance team, peer counseling, Students Against Drunk Driving
  • Common phrase uttered: “I’m just saying is all”
  • Favorite movie: “The Notebook”
  • Ultimate Fantasy: sing on American Idol or sit by Simon on the judging panel
  • Has traveled to: Alabama, Georgia, Vermont, Washington, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Florida, Washington D.C., Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, and New York
  • Favorite Quests: Swimming with dolphins and Tiger Rescue. Tigers are my favorite animal!
  • Life’s Motto: “Smile like everyone’s watching!”

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