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Curiosity Quest is proud to announce that we have recently been honored with a 2010 Telly Award!

Curiosity Quest is an upbeat, family, educational program that explores what
viewers are curious about. In each show, host Joel Greene ventures
on a quest to answer viewer's letters of curiosity.

Each quest takes the audience on location for an unscripted, hands-on, educational exploration. In addition, throughout each program, Joel will hit the streets to get real and often comical answers to questions pertaining to each episode. Joel's enthusiastic personality often lands him in hilarious situations in pursuit of the answer.

Some of CQ’s previous episodes have included Ben & Jerry’s, Fender Guitars, cranberry harvesting, and firefighter training. Click here to learn about our other adventures.

Curiosity Quest Goes Green is packed with all the fun and educational information
that our regular series contains but in addition, each episode is also dedicated to raising
awareness of earth-friendly issues. 

Together with Joel, viewers learn about things that each of us can do to be more eco-friendly and responsible inhabitants of the Planet Earth.  Previous CQ Goes Green episodes include recycling all different types of materials, worm farming, rescuing wild animals, backyard composting, the effects of plastics in our oceans and much, much more!

Curiosity Quest and Curiosity Quest Goes Green will have your family laughing and learning at the same time. It is a perfect addition to any school library or home collection.

Curiosity Quest Awards:

  • 2012: Telly Award Winner for "Oranges"
  • 2012: Telly Award Winner for "Lunch Tray Recycling"
  • 2012: Telly Award Winner for "Horseback Riding"
  • 2011: Telly Award Winner for "Fire Fighter Training"
  • 2011: Telly Award Winner for "Karate"
  • 2010: Telly Award Winner for "Algalita"
  • 2009: Telly Award Winner for "Steinway & Sons Piano"
  • 2009: Telly Award Winner for "Sanitary Landfill"
  • 2008: Telly Award Winner for "Guitars"
  • 2008: Telly Award Winner for "Boy Scouts"
  • 2008: Telly Award Winner for "Rescue Dogs"
  • 2007: Telly Award Winner for "Tiger Rescue"
  • 2007: Telly Award Winner for "Recycling"
  • 2007: Telly Award Winner for "Go Karts"
  • 2006: Finalist for LCA Award
  • 2006: Fiesta History Award from San Gabriel Mission
  • 2005: Telly Award Winner for "Show Horses"
  • 2005: Telly Award Finalist for "Renaissance Faire"
  • 2005: Telly Award Finalist for "Gymnastics"
  • 2004: W.A.V.E Award "for excellence in local cable programming"
  • 2004: Telly Award Finalist for "Dinosaur Show"

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If you or your child has an idea of where Joel should explore next, please click the Send Us On A Quest link.
Mission Statement: To stimulate intellectual curiosities of the community through wholesome programming by inviting viewers on an educational, yet entertaining exploration.

Philosophy of the Show: Curiosity Quest provides entertaining and educational programming for the entire family to enjoy. In a world where television is bombarded with negative images, Curiosity Quest offers the wholesome television experience that parents are looking for.


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E-Mail: CQ@CuriosityQuest.org

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