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Hello Wonderful CQ Fans!

I don’t know how you all feel, but I feel that Summer is moving along so quickly. It is hard to believe. My daughter will be starting school in just two weeks! What happened to the long, lazy summers that I remember from my youth? I guess that was a long time ago, but nevertheless, I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine, the smell of barbeque and lazy moments in the pool. I intend to soak up every second!

We are currently in the thick of filming and editing our current season. We are filming both CQ Goes Green and regular Curioisty Quest episodes. Of course, filming is my favorite part of the job. And why wouldn’t it be? A new adventure at every turn that I get to be a part of? It is awesome!

This past week we had the pleasure of visiting Warner Springs Ranch where I had the exciting (and sometimes scary) experience of learning all about horseback riding from Jeff and the wranglers Sierra and Sheena. My horse was a beautiful, yet tempermental, black and white paint named Domino. Along with my cute little co-hosts, Devyn and Trisitn, I learned how to prepare a horse for a ride as well as all of the technical terms and purposes for all of the gear the wranglers used. I also learned appropriate riding techniques and I was led on a beautiful trail ride. Though the ride was beautiful, I do have to be honest ………. very large, strong animals that weigh 1100lbs can be quite intimidating. I said Domino was tempermental? Well, he was easily spooked as well. He startled several times at passing vehicles and, more than once, I was sure I was going to land face first in the dirt. Luckily that did not happen. I have to say that I was quite grateful to dismount and saftely touch ground as well as ease my aching backside. Too much information you might think, but hey, were all friends here. Just want to give you the full picture of the experience. 🙂 After filming this show I have a new appreciation for these amazing animals.

Thank you for all of your continued support. I look forward to brining you the best season yet! In the meantime,

Stay Curious

~ Joel

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